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Hero is a SaaS (software as a service) platform that empowers K–12 schools to improve student behaviors with a web browser or mobile app. As a digital solution for positive reinforcement, granting PBIS points, assigning discipline, creating referrals, and printing passes, Hero drastically reduces the time it takes to capture incidents. It also replaces inaccurate and inconsistent paper processes, gives students instant feedback on behavior, and makes it easy for districts and administrators to demonstrate their progress with all types of behavior reports.

Where the change happens.

Make big improvements in all these areas with Hero.

Tardy Improvement

Process tardies & generate passes lightning fast. Teach accountability. Get students in class sooner.

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Positive Behavior Reinforcement

Reinforce good behavior with digital merit points. Improve the learning environment & increase effective in-class time.

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Classroom Management

Bring your district- or school-wide behavior initiatives to every classroom. Intervene sooner. Increase engagement by reaching every child.

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Behavior Analytics Data

Improve student outcomes with actionable behavior data. See which programs work and which students & teachers are engaged.

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Referral Management

Simplify referrals. Save time. Ensure compliance.

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Community Engagement

Bridge the communication gap between school and home. Get families more involved in their student's success.

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Event Management

Check students in and out of activities or tutoring. Manage laptop checkouts or deny access to students with unserved detentions.

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Behavior Tracking Apps

Get apps that work for all, from administrators to parents, teachers, and staff.

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