Your First 90 Days with Hero

Whether you’re just coming onboard with Hero, you’re still working out some details, or you’re thinking about whether or not Hero would be a good fit for your school, you know that moving to a system like Hero to help manage discipline, positive programs, and/or parent engagement will bring with it some change in your processes—and your school culture.

Putting a new system and set of procedures in place can sometimes feel like a complex task but we want to assure you that we’re not only experienced with helping schools make the change successfully, we are invested in your  success.

Once everything is official—the Master Service Agreement (MSA) has been signed and PO has been submitted—you’ll be ready to come aboard. Let’s talk about what your first 90 days will be like with Hero.


Bringing Hero into your school means new procedures, data flows, and training. Most schools choose to onboard either at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of the second semester. Implementing Hero at this time allows you to take advantage of the slow time before kids are back to school to tie up loose ends, get training, and make sure your system is running just the way you like it.

This isn’t to say that you can only come on board at any point in the year. In fact, many administrators find that they need a solution to a problem like tardiness or positive program management immediately, and we’ve had many successful implementations that roll out while class is in session.

Ultimately, the timing of implementing Hero at your school is completely dependent on your needs, and you can be successful regardless of when you come onboard.

Getting to Know Hero Support

Every school is different. With different goals, challenges, and initiatives at every school, our team customizes every Hero implementation to fit your specific needs.

Your first call with Hero Support is called your Implementation Assessment. This is the beginning of the process of coming onboard to Hero, and it begins with getting to know your Hero Project Manager—and them getting to know you.

Your Implementation Assessment

In your Implementation Assessment, we’ll go back over the goals you discussed with your account manager, talk about where in your school you want to use Hero, and get an idea of how Hero will operate in your school. We’ll also go over some technical details, like how student data is going to get into the system, how any integrations are going to be set up, and how other data like bell schedules will be imported.

From there, we’ll work with you to outline the rest of the implementation process, which includes the following major steps (we’ll schedule a separate call with you for each one):

  • Hardware Installation and Testing: We’ll get on a call with you to make sure all of your devices are working properly with Hero, and get you started testing all of the features and workflows.
  • Getting Data into Hero: We’ll talk with you about options to share data between Hero and your SIS—or any other service you need to pass data to.
  • Hero Setup Training: This training call is specifically for administrators on how to set up, customize, and configure features of Hero on the back end.
  • Hero Access Training: This is a broader training call that covers day to day use of Hero for end users (teachers, hall monitors, attendance officers, etc.) and administrators. Some schools will have one big meeting where we train all of the staff, and some schools prefer we train a small group of leaders to train the rest of your team. After your access training, we can leave your instance free for your team to test, scan, print passes, and poke around, and then reset everything for when you actually go live.
  • Policy Call (optional): Whether you’re rolling out a new behavior policy, or refining your existing one, we’ll go over it with you and talk to you about how everything will work on the back end.

Your Long Term Success

Once you go live with Hero, you’ll already have a great foundation—but nothing beats the real world experience. If you have any questions about how to use Hero, you want to talk about things you want to do in the future, or anything in between, feel free to reach out! You can also go to our resources section for play books and reference guides, and see our video guides for detailed walkthroughs and other helpful tips.

In addition, Hero Support will stay in touch with you and check in after two weeks, and four weeks—just to make sure everything is going according to plan, and answer any questions you might have.

These follow up calls are the end of your implementation, but don’t worry—we’re still with you every step of the way. Your Project Manager will put you in touch with a Customer Success Manager, who will keep in touch with you throughout the year to see the success you’re having with Hero, help you make the most of Hero in your existing programs, and show you how Hero could be used to make new programs possible.

Whatever your reason for wanting to know more about your first 90 days with Hero, thanks for stopping in. We look forward to getting to know you better!

Interested in starting your journey with Hero? Let’s start the conversation.