All PBIS Things Considered

One of the most important factors in the school-wide implementation of your PBIS plan is getting your teachers and staff to wholly participate. While a program can be devised, constructed, and setup with just a small team of people, really making it reach school-wide will require more broad-reaching support. True success will only be achieved if students are recognized for the same positive behaviors in every classroom. And this requires all your teachers to participate.


Make a plan
Another way to secure the roll-out of your PBIS plan is to write it into your School Improvement Plan (SIP) or, if you are in California, your Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). Planning for the implementation of a positive behavior plan will let others know about your initiatives. Not only does this generate excitement in the community, it also helps ensure commitment from your staff and schools.

Get the students involved
Setting up a Student Council PBIS Team is another good way to keep your PBIS program active and healthy. They help build the program by playing an advisory role in the development of the behaviors and incentives. They also help roll out the program by letting their peers know about PBIS from the ground floor. They are an invaluable in keeping momentum and excitement, and are a great in-house asset to trouble-shoot why incentives may not be working, or help with any miscellaneous program tasks. They are a good resource to turn to when thinking up incentives, I keep hearing that having a student council PBIS team is important. They help build the program and keep providing creative ideas for incentives and then are part of initial roll-out and then train new students on the program throughout the year.

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