Getting that PBIS program up-and-running at your school (or across your entire district) doesn’t have to be complicated. Use this PBIS Playbook to help chart your course—from setting up your program to measuring success.

1   |   What is SWPBIS?

Why is it important to scale your PBIS
program school-or-district-wide?

2   |   Getting Started

What are some factors to keep in mind during program implementation?

3   |   Your Champions

The team of people that will champion your PBIS program from the ground floor.

4   |   The Logistics

Figuring out your behavior matrix,
points values and incentives.

5   |   The Roll-Out

Now that you’re ready, what’s the best way to roll out your PBIS plan?

6   |   What is success?

Once your PBIS program is in place,
how can you measure success?

7   |   The Long Haul

How do you keep students and teachers engaged for the long run?