So you’ve been awarding Hero points for positive behavior? Give yourself a pat on the back! But now what? Here are some fresh and easy incentive ideas that you can use to give participation a boost.

  • Recognize your top point earners – Use the schoolwide points report to identify the students with the most points. Or use the accrued records report to identify students with the highest number of tracks for a specific behavior. Announce these superheroes over the announcements or deliver a special certificate and prize to their homeroom class. This will also create hype for your program!
  • Hold a daily, weekly, or monthly raffleUse the daily activity report to select a random student for a special prize. The more positive behavior tracks entered, the more chances you have to win. Raffle off school merch, donated items, privileges, or access to a special activity. You can also provide a special incentive for the teacher who nominated that student…can you say Jeans Pass!?!
  • Create a virtual school store – Is the thought of a physical school store overwhelming? Use an online form for students to choose incentives at different point values. A special code can be built within your Hero account to redeem the correct number of student points. Utilize parent or student volunteers to deliver the incentives at their convenience.
  • Sell tickets to special events – Have an upcoming dance or sporting event? If not, why not create one? It could be something as simple as open gym or field day during 7th period. Allow students the choice of using dollars or Hero points to purchase tickets. You might even make a little extra cash in the process!

Here is a long list of incentives, including free (or almost free) ideas. And don’t forget about your teachers! Here is a list of teacher incentive ideas.