You have better things to do than process referrals.

Hero creates a simple referral workflow for school leaders.

Let's face it—7 part forms are a royal pain in the you-know-what.

Hero presents you with a simple workflow, where teachers submit referrals and you can choose to approve them, reject them, or reject asking for more information. Give your team instant feedback and save a tremendous amount of time.

Supporting students is key.
Chasing paperwork isn't.

Manual processes are not just a huge time sink, they can also be unreliable. Forms end up in the wrong mailbox. Referrals get lost. Don't let the process of managing a referral program take you away from the activities that truly matter.

With Hero, your behavior policy is administered on a reliable system that shares updates instantly between teachers and school leaders, won't go down if any single computer crashes, and can't get accidentally thrown in the trash bin.

Hero reporting puts referral data at your fingertips.

Hero comes with a set of custom reports that show you a 10,000 foot view of your referrals. If you need to share the data, Hero integrates with SIS platforms like PowerSchool to make reporting referral data simple.

It's easy to see your ROI with Hero. How many referrals do you write a day?

Hero doesn't just save you time. It helps you redirect student behavior, too.

  • Intervention before suspension

    Hero allows you to see accurate, up-to-date student data so you can quickly see whose behavior is trending towards a suspension. Having this visibility gives you the option to intervene along a disciplinary track before any action is necessary.

  • Parental involvement

    Hero’s Letter function helps make it easier to keep parents and guardians informed by automating the letter distribution process. Select a specific letter, pair it with a student, and email or print in a matter of seconds. Hero also keeps track of what letters are sent to whom, helping to keep holistic student behavior profiles.

  • Increase visibility and aid prevention

    Hero allows you to collect incident data so you can see trends over time. This is helpful with major disciplinary issues in identifying key problem areas. Who are the usual perpetrators? Where are the discipline “hot spots” located? What times are most incident-prone? When you are armed with this knowledge, your prevention efforts can be more successful.

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