Communities that engage together, stay together.

Keep families in the loop.

Get entire communities — families, teachers, and students — on the same page is the most productive way to shape a student's growth and ensure student success. As a tool for school-parent engagement, Hero allows:

  • Teachers to deliver real-time communication to families
  • Families to facilitate continuity of skill-building
  • Students to be held accountable between physical & home learning spaces

By bridging the communication gap between school and home, educators can get more people participating in a student’s success

Now is the time to improve family engagement at your school

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Bring families into the conversation.

Reach families in real-time with push notifications from the Hero App (or emails, if they prefer) so they are aware of what’s happening with their student and can take the next steps:

  • Ask clarifying questions
  • View student behavior data
  • Get advice on how to intervene
  • Redirect student in a home learning setting
  • Reinforce what’s being taught at school

Continuity of skill-building.

They’re your goals, Hero just helps all stakeholders see them, providing next-level visibility to school-wide behavior programs and individual student goals.

  • Administrators & Teachers set goals
  • Students & families can view progress
  • Milestones are marked to motivate & encourage students along the way

Students in the know are accountable.

With Hero’s new student app, students see their points and acknowledgments in real-time, use their Hero passport to check into events (or detention), view their schedules, and historical data on their progress. Schools can enable push notification reminders about check-ins, goals achieved, or attendance reminders.

Recognitions Recognizers
Next Level Modal
Actions UI

Secure interactions between school & home.

Open the lines of communication between school and home—and no one else. In Hero, student behavior conversations are kept private and are visible only by the administrator, teacher, and family. Even the parent/guardian's account setup is done with security measures in place. Schools issue their own "keys" for parents to set up their individual portals, ensuring that the accounts are secure, right from the beginning.

Bring improved school-family communication to your school.

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