Integrated Classroom Behavior Management.

Get all your classrooms on the same page.
Find out how

And then review the data

With data reporting in Hero, it's easy to see how behavior is affecting your classrooms. Identify positive behavior trends and recognize students for meeting and/or exceeding expectations —and intervene early when problems arise.


A different policy in every classroom is a bad policy.

When some of your teachers bring their own app to help them manage their classroom (some have a wall chart, and some are… winging it), as a school leader, how do you know if your behavior policy is working? How do you know that it's being applied? Hero doesn't just give you data about student behavior, it lets you see how your programs are working.

Consistency is good for students.

With a consistent classroom management policy, students will know what's expected of them—no matter what class they're in. This means that rewards for positive behaviors and consequences for different disciplinary actions can be collected across classrooms—and you can easily see any behavior trends limited to specific classrooms or students. This helps the administrator get to the root of the problem faster, and ensures students are receiving timely supports they need to be successful.


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