Hero Homeroom, our customer community, is one of our favorite places to connect with the teachers and administrators that use Hero every day. Here, we commonly find passionate educators discussing ways to make schools better – and we’re frequently inspired by what they have to say.

When we recently posed the question, “what do you wish you had known about Hero before you started using it,” we knew everyone had to see the response.

Here’s what our Hero veterans had to say:

Don’t be intimidated by the technology.

“[Hero] is easy to use and add to your routine. I award Hero points for on-time students immediately after I take roll.” – LeeAnn Rigby, Teacher, Indian Springs High School

“Hero is self-explanatory, so you have to be intentional. I think the best thing to remember is to take 1-2 behaviors or skills to focus on at a time, otherwise it gets overwhelming.” – Crystal Green, Special Education Teacher, Park Middle School

“I wish I would have known how easy it was to use it as well as the effectiveness of it. Students have really bought into the program and enjoy receiving prizes. It’s a great incentive, and I love the fact that we can scan straight from our phone.” – Valerie Tapia, Teacher, Indian Springs High School

“I wish I would have learned how easy it is to track student behaviors as well as how well students respond to the Hero program. It’s neat how they can track their points in real time.” – Dora Ruiz, Coach/ Athletic Director, Paul Revere Middle School

The positive effects of Hero are real.

“I wish I would have known what an impact Hero would have on my classroom. It truly is like night and day. Stay consistent with Hero and students will grow beyond your expectations!” – James Buynar, U.S. History Teacher, Paul Revere Middle School

“I wish I knew what a powerful tool Hero can be if used properly. It’s amazing to be able to track student behavior and print that out, if needed, to show a parent. Once they actually see how their child is behaving, it opens up dialogue from the data. I also wish I had known that the points reset at the end of the semester! It gets me every year.” – Amy Christensen, 5th/ 6th Grade Teacher, Foothill Ranch Middle School

“I wish I would have known how effective Hero can be. I wish more teachers would use this tool on a regular basis. The power of positive reminders is so powerful and I would have never imagined the positive effect [Hero has had] on my school.” – James Witcombe, Teacher, Indian Springs High School

Embrace Positive Reinforcement because that’s where Hero’s true power lies.

“Students need constant reminders of why we are doing what we are doing, and why they are doing what they are doing. Many do not see the point in participating or being on time, and Hero has helped promote that.” – Amanda Guzman, PBIS Substitute, Indian Springs High School

“That vocalizing, sometimes even specific names, when I give points helps tremendously for positive reinforcement. For example, when I give out points for those who started right away, instead of just saying I gave out points, I’ll name the specific students who received Hero points.” – Jenna Jinks, French Teacher, Indian Springs High School

“I wish I had known how often I could use Hero to motivate and engage my students!” – Rebecca Brannock, Social Studies Teacher, Valley High School

“I wish I knew that Hero would get to the toughest students.” – Natasha Holm, Teacher, Indian Springs High School

“I wish I had known that Hero can be used for positive reinforcement. I worked at a school that used Hero only for discipline reasons and negative behaviors. I learned at my current campus all the ways that Hero can be used in a positive way.” – Eskender Gigar, Teacher, Paul Revere Middle School

Get students on the Hero app to keep them engaged with their points and the program.

“This is my second year using Hero, and I have come to learn the importance of students having access to their account. Earning points means nothing to the student if they aren’t even aware [of how many they have & what they can redeem]. I’ve taken time to make sure all students have the app and that they’ve registered for an account. Now they are more accountable and more responsible.” – Amanda Fiorelli, Teacher, Cleveland School of the Arts

Did you know: You can reward points when both students and parents download and register for the Hero app. Don’t forget to set up the reward to only reward points once. This is one of the few scenarios where the behavior should be set to “this should happen after 1 entry.”

Continual professional development is key.

“There’s a learning curve. Not all teachers will be on board. We must continue to provide professional development on how to effectively use Hero. But I truly believe it can be transformational when used correctly across the entire campus.” – Karessa Parish, Teacher and Campus PBIS Coordinator, Cedar Creek Middle School

Did you know: For professional development resources, you can visit our training page or contact your Customer Success Manager.

Teachers will value Homeroom as a place to learn, share their thoughts, and be recognized for their amazing work.

“I wish I knew about Homeroom, this has been a motivator and a place of community for me.” – Natasha Holm, Teacher, Indian Springs High School

“I wish I had known how easy it is to reinforce positive behavior with the Hero program. I also wish I had known about Homeroom from the start of the program.” – Carol Uriarte, Teacher, Watkins Elementary

Did you know: Everything you do in Homeroom earns instant points that you can redeem for cool stuff for your classrooms, gift cards, Hero SWAG, and professional development opportunities to advance your career. Join Homeroom, and start earning rewards.

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