I take great pride in the fact that each day when I go to work, we are helping schools recognize students in a positive way. The saying goes, the world can be a better place if you make a difference in the life of a child. Simple, recognition. It resonates with all of us. At Hero, we built our entire brand on the concept of heroism. In our world, that has traditionally meant the administrators, teachers, and students. It takes all three to drive school climate. Hero is in business to have a profound, positive impact on student behavior, making school a better place to work, learn and grow.

Education is increasingly driven by technology. Technologies that make a school operate more efficiently. Applications that enable educators to more effectively build and connect with communities that support administration teaching, and learning. Programs that give parents and students the support they need, so that they can focus on learning.

The problem is that there are thousands of solution options in this fragmented market, making it difficult for schools to put technology to use. Optimizing the student’s journey through their school experience is even more difficult because niche solutions aren’t inherently integrated, and as a result, schools needs are not being met.

In June we announced our vision for the Hero K12 EdTech Platform. A platform concept with a mission to improve the entire student journey, giving educators and administrators tools to create safer, more connected schools that function as a community. Led by an equity financing investment from BV Investment Partners, this partnership gave us over $150 Million in capital to deploy towards our EdTech growth plans.

Today we are proud and excited to announce the acquisition of SchoolMint, continuing the expansion of the Hero K12 EdTech Platform. SchoolMint is the leading provider of cloud-based student enrollment and school choice systems for PreK-12 district, charter, and independent schools.

The addition of SchoolMint exemplifies Hero K12’s investment strategy, focusing on applications to improve school operational efficiencies. Starting with school choice and enrollment, the entry point to the education system advances our goal of helping educators create stronger relationships with families. SchoolMint stands alone in this area of the market, easing the burden parents and educators face in the school enrollment process, making the experience equitable for all families. SchoolMint’s passion, culture, and unrivaled products add a strong foundation to our platform.

SchoolMint’s school selection and enrollment process is the start of the student’s journey. SchoolMint helps school systems streamline their entire enrollment process. Enrollment is the entry point for all students into the education system in traditional public, charter, and independent schools. The enrollment process includes student recruitment, school applications, choice, lottery, and registration. These activities initiate all communications and the exchange of student information between families and schools.

Supporting this initial segment of the student’s journey, paired with Hero K12’s impact on a more positive school culture, will be a great benefit to our shared customers. The combination of SchoolMint and Hero K12 represents over 8,000 schools and more than 2 million students. Customers who work with SchoolMint and Hero K12 will benefit from an integrated platform and a broader strategy to share data across our applications.

To speak with someone about the SchoolMint solution, contact us and we’ll get you to the right person.

It feels great to have lift-off with the Hero K12 EdTech Platform. SchoolMint and Hero K12 are applications that solve real problems in our evolving education systems. Joining forces further advances our mission to reach more students and families, in more communities, nationwide. We are excited about this next chapter, and we hope you are too.