Hero customer Kaneland High School was recently featured in an Edvocate article because of the success they’ve had combating tardiness and changing the school culture.

Kaneland High School administrators took a new approach to combating tardiness by implementing a new locked door policy when the bell rings and tracking tardies digitally using Hero.

“For years we have been looking at Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) options to try changing the lax attitude we had toward tardies,” said Ryan Malo, the Dean of Students. “With the locked door policy, tardies just had to be stopped.”

The previous tardy process involved many steps, a lot of paperwork, and diligent attention to track tardies. To issue a consequence, the discipline secretary had to hand count how many tardies a student had and issue the consequence accordingly. Despite their best efforts, sometimes consequences weren’t being completed which reinforced a cultural perception that tardiness was not a problem.

“We’ve seen an overall decline in the number of tardies, a drastic decline,” said Malo. “there are less tardies both as an overall number and in the number of students who are tardy.”

Implementing a new tardy process and tardy tracking program

At first, students weren’t happy about the new tardy process.

“There was a lot of grumbling at the beginning of the year but I explained to all the students that the expectations haven’t changed but our process for how we record and manage tardiness and detentions has changed. If a student is not in the right place, how we track and hold them accountable has changed,” Malo says.

This new process has helped decrease stress levels in the attendance office, and students are no longer complaining about the new system. Administrators at Kaneland High School say that implementing Hero along with a new process for managing tardies has helped to improve the culture at the school.

“The complaining has stopped,” adds Principal Maras. When students realize a digital system is in place and that it can’t be gamed, then it removes the grey area. Malo adds, “There is less stress in the attendance office. After the bell rings, the students know to come to the office and get a pass. It’s the only way they can access the classroom. The pass has their warning or consequence. Teachers no longer have to manage this discipline on their own. Students have a consistent policy. The classrooms are not disrupted. Parents can get involved. It’s better all around. Hero is a one-stop shop. We get the tardy, it prints it out and then we can communicate more easily with the people who staff those detentions.”

The outcome? Drastically reduced tardies.

In just one semester, Kaneland High School has made impressive strides towards improving the culture at the school and drastically decreasing tardies. Last year, over 1,700 tardies were issued in one month whereas this year 1,600 tardies have been issued— in one semester. Unexcused tardies have decreased by 29% which has resulted in fewer detentions being served.

We’re thrilled to see the success that they’ve had, and are excited to see what they will accomplish in the 2018-2018 school year.

Source: The Edvocate