In the Discussions area of our customer community Homeroom, we asked how it feels to reward students. Any educator who uses Hero knows that students love getting recognized with Hero points. But it turns out, giving positive feedback to students is a great experience for teachers, too:

My students ask for Hero points, because they know what it takes to get them, and they know they are doing the right thing! I love it when they are accountable for their actions and get rewarded!”
– Rose McCandless, Science Teacher, Valley High School
Man, seeing myself and my campus shift from focusing on what’s wrong to what’s rights is an amazing feeling. Seeing students focus on good things also makes my day a lot easier.”
– James Buynar, U.S. History Teacher, Paul Revere Middle School
My students are actually excited about being good. I get to focus on the good students and the problem students are starting to take notice. I am now building relationships with students that would have just drifted by, because I was always focused on the troublemakers! I love Hero! For the ten plus years I have been teaching, I was more focused on the bad kids, pushing the button, pleading with them to be on task, writing discipline referrals, worried about skippers. The good kids got ignore and they just slipped by because I didn’t have to worry about them. With Hero, I get to reward the good kids, the ones that do what they are supposed to do everyday. And they can see how much I appreciate them for being good, respectful, peer tutors and just all around awesome. Plus I find myself actually interacting with these good kids even more. We are now talking about their life and dreams, future plans, and college. I have also noticed that my problem students are trying to step up because they aren’t getting my attention anymore. Plus, the students that are following the rules, you know, they ones we used to ignore, are getting rewards from the school. Like special luncheons, free movie passes, and special events. I have started to pay more attention to the everyday “awesome” students who really don’t get recognized! And for all of the teachers who think “why should I reward them for doing what they are supposed to do?” I say “because no one else does!”
– Brandi Bulgin, Digital Info Tech Teacher, Boynton Beach Community High School
I love rewarding for positive behavior. I feel like most of the time we only recognize bad behavior as teachers. It is an important shift to recognize the students who are doing good things!” – Mr. Braun, Social Studies Department Chair, Valley High School
“I have noticed that being able to instantly reward positive behavior has shifted my perspective on my classroom. My inner focus on the negative and what is not going well was exhausting but by rewarding positive behavior I recognize all of the on-task and positive role models and appreciate them even more than before.”
– Samantha Zenaro, World History & AICE Global Perspectives Teacher, Boynton Beach Community High School
Although my students have responded in a positive and enthusiastic manner to the Hero points, what I have really enjoyed, is the opportunity to award points to students that I normally wouldn’t come into contact, because they are not in my class. In the past, I would acknowledge positive behaviors they were displaying with a comment of my observation to them. But with the Hero program, I can show them how much I appreciate whatever behavior I observed as I award them a point. This additional step has started conversations regarding the program, our goals and what incentives they have to choose from. It’s great because we are getting more for our buck. They get acknowledgement and we are making positive contacts with them, which is then influencing a positive shift in our culture and climate.”
– Manuela Moreno, Teacher, San Bernardino High School
The best reaction I have seen is from students that don’t necessarily receive positive reinforcement. I try to find them doing something good so that I can acknowledge when they are displaying desired behaviors versus always focusing on what they are doing wrong. The students love receiving points!”
– Natasha Pender, Assistant Principal, Orange County Public Schools Academic Center for Excellence
Since beginning my classroom reinforcement system, my students are more eager to attempt assignments, raise their hands to offer responses, correct their own behaviors and the behaviors of their peers and follow directions. My students are trying out being upstanders, so I now have many students standing up for others and informing on poor behaviors. This is opening up opportunities for learning situations for all of the students. Additionally, we are finally building a positive community, which is one of my ultimate goals.The students are feeling comfortable with their vulnerabilities, so they are more willing to make mistakes and learn. I think the growth that I have been waiting for is on the make. I feel more relaxed and comfortable, yet excited for the future. I’m having a lot of fun hearing the students brag about their points and asking about things they are going to get. I really like that the kids are starting to manage one another.”
– Crystal Green, Special Education Teacher, Park Middle School
I love rewarding deserving students, especially when they do not expect it! Having students who deserve it just for doing the right things just because it is the right thing to do is always refreshing.”
– Sabrina Feliciano, Teacher/ AVID Support, Kalakaua Middle School

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