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How does it feel to positively reward students?

In the Discussions area of our customer community Homeroom, we asked how it feels to reward students. Any educator who uses Hero knows that students love getting recognized with Hero points. But it turns out, giving positive feedback to students is a great experience for teachers, too: My students ask for Hero points, because they know what it takes to get them, and they know they are doing the right thing! I love it when they are accountable for their actions and get rewarded!” – Rose McCandless, Science Teacher, Valley High School Man, seeing myself and my campus shift from focusing on what’s wrong to what’s rights is an amazing feeling. Seeing students focus on good things also makes my day a lot easier.”...

written December 10, 2018 by Jessica Mitchell

What do you wish you knew when you started using Hero?

Hero Homeroom, our customer community, is one of our favorite places to connect with the teachers and administrators that use Hero every day. Here, we commonly find passionate educators discussing ways to make schools better – and we’re frequently inspired by what they have to say. When we recently posed the question, “what do you wish you had known about Hero before you started using it,” we knew everyone had to see the response. Here’s what our Hero veterans had to say: Don’t be intimidated by the technology. “[Hero] is easy to use and add to your routine. I award Hero points for on-time students immediately after I take roll.” – LeeAnn Rigby, Teacher, Indian Springs High School “Hero is self-explanatory, so you have...

written December 8, 2017 by Jessica Mitchell

We Just Launched Hero – Now What?

You’ve worked hard to get to this day—building a program to reach your school’s specific behavior goals. Take it to the next level with this action plan. We can’t help but get excited every time we bring a new customer onboard with Hero. Official rollouts get teachers, students, and parents excited to work together to build a better school culture. But the excitement shouldn’t stop at the official rollout. To continue to build momentum after you’ve launched Hero, focus your attention on teacher adoption, parent and student engagement, and optimizing your program with behavior analytics data. TEACHER ADOPTION One of the biggest challenges that school leaders face when implementing any new program is gaining teacher buy-in. To ensure success, your Hero rollout should be...

written October 13, 2017 by Jessica Mitchell

Heroic change agents use data to fight (and win) the good fight

Heroic Change agents use data to fight (and win) the good fight. A superintendent I used to work for once said, “The only people who like change are wet babies.” It resonated with me then, and it still does so today. Because let’s face it, change is hard for folks. For even when you provide compelling data and a strong rationale for a new approach, the initial momentum can quickly subside as people return to their comfort zones. Hero allows a school to establish consistent practices in a more effective and efficient way. Yet as the implementation moves forward, some school users really embrace it whereas others may revert to what they have always done, since that feels more comfortable. They think to themselves,...

written October 12, 2017 by Daniel Haithcox

How Our Schools Plan to Use Hero This Year – Advice from Educators

Hero educators share their ideas for using Hero this year. Our customers are our inspiration. They are constantly inventing new ways to use Hero in their Classrooms and Schools. In the Discussions area of our customer community – Homeroom, we asked the question, “How are you planning on using Hero this school year?” Here is what they had to say… INCENTIVES Incentives are a great way to motivate students. Rewarding students frequently, recognizing even the smallest things, and using “tiered” incentives are some ways that you can motivate students. Here’s what a few Hero customers had to say about their plans for incentives this year: “I plan on challenging my students to earn a certain number of points to be able to be eligible...

written September 12, 2017 by Jessica Mitchell

The Cure for Summer-itis? PBIS!

The time between spring break and summer is a tough time for motivation. Here are some tips on how to keep students engaged through the end of the year. The time between spring break and summer, I remember it well. The warm weather is approaching, the sweet smell of vacation is right around the corner, and focusing on anything other than the beach seems near impossible. As we say around the Hero office, “the struggle is real.” As a teacher or an administrator, you are all too familiar with this time in the school year. Not only is it one of the busiest times, with exams, graduation and prom, its one of the most difficult times to keep students engaged. At Hero we know...

written May 8, 2017 by Jessica Mitchell

Our customers say it best.

  • "Our focus on improving school culture is paying off. Teachers report fewer behavioral problems, disciplinary referral rates have dropped, and more parents are choosing Finger Lake for their children’s education. "

    Susan Steele

    Principal, Finger Lake Elementary

  • "I've been doing this work for 23 years. There's no doubt in my mind that Hero has been a major contributor to all that is positive at Lyons Creek Middle School."

    Horace Hamm, Principal

    Lyons Creek Middle School

  • "Hero reminds me to always be doing what is expected of me and encourage my friends to do the same."


    Cleveland School of the Arts


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