The evolution of Hero.

Schools across the country are adopting new approaches to student behavior. We evangelized a hypothesis: the best way to motivate students to exhibit great behavior is by recognizing the things they do right more than the things they do wrong. We build products that help schools do this on a daily basis. The impact to school climate and culture, attendance, and academic performance are noteworthy.

At the end of every school year, our teams reconnoiter over data, conversations with our customers, and the outcomes we’ve helped drive.

This year, we noticed new energy, compassion, and fidelity across our schools. Entire administrative teams, teaching staff, students and even parents are rallying together, creating learning environments based on positivity. Building schools that families want to send their children to – places kids feel comfortable and excited to be in. Taking low performing schools, with declining enrollment, and turning them into something new, special. Though we are only one cog in a massive system of gears, we are proud to support these efforts.

Changes for Hero.

As a company, the last year came with evolution for Hero as well. Our capital investment set the stage for growth, and evolution of our company and our products. Part of this investment allows us to perform extensive market research and bring new products to market quicker. We have added more developers to focus more on Hero behavior platform improvements. We also added additional experienced ex-educators to our exceptional customer success team. This will help ensure customers have a great experience implementing Hero

New Packages: HeroReady and HeroRise

If you’ve followed our story, you know that our belief is that schools need to treat kids like human beings. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone deserves recognition when they do something good. That’s what Hero is all about. We also respect that implementing the full Hero solution involves a lot of moving parts. Some schools are ready to take the leap. Other schools need more specialty solutions to immediate problems. To make it easier and more affordable for schools to get started, we split Hero into two packages: HeroReady and HeroRise. Here’s what they do.


This package focuses improving tardies via the front office and the very real challenges middle and high schools have regarding partial and full day absences. HeroReady is something all students can become by simply being on time to school and class. We solve the fundamental, basic needs of the front office: tracking tardies & accurate attendance. Schools who focus on these challenges are embracing the building blocks of a positive school culture.


This package is focused on school-wide positive behavior matters. HeroRise works in elementary, middle, and high school environments, and it’s our behavior solution that empowers students to lead by example and overcome. HeroRise shows students that by making good choices, they will rise above – in school and beyond. And when teachers and administrators use HeroRise on a unified, schoolwide scale, culture and performance will grow, raising up the whole school. The product’s an effective way to accurately capture data and support Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Multi-tier Systems of Supports (MTSS), and aspects of Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

New Customer Pricing, More Affordable.

To get Hero in the hands of more schools nationwide, we have lowered our new customer pricing for the full Hero solution. We still believe that both packages, together, make the biggest impact, so we now offer them together or individually. Districts and schools can get HeroReady or HeroRise on their own for an extremely affordable price. We have already seen a big pulse in interest for schools who loved the concept but didn’t have the budget for the full package.

Enjoy Summer.

As we look ahead, the future for the Hero behavior products is so bright. We will continue to develop products that match the needs of our school partners. Stay tuned for our summer release notes, and if you would like to see a live demo of HeroReady, HeroRise, or the full Hero solution at your school, just say the word.

Have an amazing summer. Relax, research, strategize, and let’s get ready for 2018-2019. I hope you’re as excited as we are.