Align Hybrid Learning Classrooms:

Pave the Way for Consistency, Reinforcement & Engagement

At Home, In the Classroom, Anywhere

Prepare students for engagement and learning with positive behavior systems of support in any classroom setting. Do it all with the Hero app, designed to deliver consistency across blended learning scenarios, and improve visibility and support for student social, emotional, and behavioral needs.

Hero teacher and school administrators use in-browser, and mobile applications, to acknowledge student behavior around campus and in virtual classrooms. With clearly outlined expectations for every setting and systematic reinforcement of essential skills, school leaders rely on Hero for:

  • Continued PBIS methodology
  • Increased Parent/Guardian communication
  • Strengthened Teacher-Pupil Connectedness

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Designed for the Modern Classroom

Document attendance and conduct, set clear expectations and reinforce with a token economy, strengthen SEL behaviors, and review student information. Do it all from the app.

On Campus

Track student behavior around campus. Acknowledge and reward behavior, or curb minor infractions, create referrals, print tardy passes or detention slips—instantly.

Virtual Classrooms

Support the whole-child and student mental health with clear, consistent reinforcement, feedback, and recognition practices. Establish high structure and equity in virtual classrooms, acknowledge engagement and participation with token economy points.

Designed With Every Stakeholder in Mind

School Leaders

  • Digitize existing behavior programs
  • Systemwide Insight into disproportionate discipline
  • Improve oversight and well-being of each student

Teachers & Administrative Staff

  • Document student behavior
  • Assign token economy points
  • Assign clear actions
  • Automate manual processes


  • Push notifications inform families of their child’s behavior
  • Facilitates improved family-school staff communication
  • Creates opportunity to reinforce positive behaviors at home


  • Visibility to token economy points
  • Ownership of behavior and consequences
  • Digital Student ID for check in/checkout
  • Expedited tardy to school/class processing

There are 3 ways to access Hero


  • Connect to Hero from any laptop or desktop computer, using any operating system.


  • Is your iPhone your sidekick? Schools, Families, & Students can connect that way, too.


  • Hero has native apps for your Android phones, & browser compatibility for tablets.

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*Access to Hero mobile applications is free. In order to use the Hero apps you must be authorized by your school administrators. Parents and students must also obtain a secure key to login to Hero. Hero does not offer individual accounts outside of our signed school relationships.

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