Behavior analytics data you can act on.

School culture is more than a feeling.
Know where you stand.

That feeling you get when you walk through the halls — Are your students interacting positively with each other? Do they respect your teachers and staff? Do they show up prepared to learn? While the feeling of school culture is relative, it can be measured in the daily activity and interactions of your students.

Capture and customize the behavior data that matters to you.

Whether you are looking to support a positive behavior program, reduce disruptive behavior like tardies and suspensions, or measure the impact of your SEL program, Hero can be customized to track any action that aligns with your school's behavior objectives. Not sure where to start? We can help with that, too.

Hero makes it easy to track and measure student behavior.

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Answer questions that drive impactful interactions.

Hero makes it easy to see which students have earned top points for positive behavior, as well as which students are struggling or need a little encouragement. By knowing where your students are on the behavior bell curve, your interactions can be more meaningful and have a bigger impact at an individual level.

Stay on top of school wide behavior trends.

Know how your behavior program results are trending over time and get a clear picture of the overall impact on school culture. By highlighting intervention opportunities across behavior actions, Hero helps keep you on track to reach your goals. Measuring the impact of student behavior gives you direction to lead change and the confidence to communicate with stakeholders what behavior programs are actually driving results.

Get better insights with behavior analytics and Hero.
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