Hero Agreements

Effective 05/2019

Thank you for being a Hero.

This page contains information and quick access to all of our policies and contracts associated with the use of Hero.

For information regarding contractual relationship with Hero, how we obtain, use and secure student data, how we handle planned updates to the services, how we manage emergency related downtime, etc, we encourage you to review our Master Service Agreement.

For information relating to individual use of Hero, the conditions of access, our policies relating to individual user accounts, please review our License Agreement.

Using Hero will require the submission of information that Hero will collect and use to respond to your requests and tailor your experience. We value the trust you place in Hero when you use our service and we take privacy very seriously. For more information about Hero information collection practices, please review our privacy policy here.

Lastly, we have an overall terms of use policy with regard to accessing Hero marketing and product websites. Acceptance of this policy is part of the License Agreement, but if you want to review these terms, you can view this full document here.

See all of our online policy documents here:

Direct Downloads

Hero Policy Documents

In conjunction with your use of Hero, we have several policy documents that come into play. We publish the most current policy documents on our Agreements page. Documents include: The Master Service Agreement, License Agreement, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use. These links will take you to our general versions of all agreements. Contact your Hero system administrator or our Customer Service team to obtain a copy of your signed agreement.


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